Diving Activities


The underwater world is a place of magic, where the impossible becomes possible and the extraordinary becomes ordinary.

Kefalonia is the right destination whether you are an expert diver, a beginner, or a snorkeler.

Calmness and clarity of the Ionian Sea ensure excellent visibility creating the ultimate conditions for divers and beginners. For the more experienced divers, there are plenty of interesting and challenging dives to choose. Kefalonia’s seabed is studded with wrecks of boats, planes, and artifacts starting from the ancient Greek period till the present days each providing insight into its vast and vivid past.

For the first time in Kefalonia the whole family can enjoy a beautiful daily trip including tasting free mediterranean cuisine, fruits and refreshments but most importantly exploring the beauties of Kefalonia and Ithaka in the same trip.

Our modified sailing boat offers you pleasure and safety while exploring the extraordinary beautiful - only accessible by boat -beaches of Northeast Kefalonia and the mythical island of Odysseys Ithaka!

Welcome aboard!

What we offer

Diving Excursions depending on the diver’s level

Padi training programs

Padi discover scuba diving (your first underwater experience)

Snorkeling to places you can enjoy only by boat

Sailing and swimming

All of our trips include free Mediterranean homemade food, fruits, snacks and refreshments.

Safety standards

The boat is fully equipped with all the sailing and diving safety equipment

Including fully equipped medical kit for adults and kids. Oxygen kit defibrillator and the most important all the crew is fully trained and experienced to help you in case of emergency.